MacBook Repair

Macbook Pro Liquid Damage Repair Williamsburg Brooklyn, 11211

MacBook Pro 13″ + 15″

Model Number A1278/A1286

Retina MacBook Pro

Model Number A1398/A1425/A1502.

MacBook Air

Model Number A1370/A1369/A1465/A1466

Liquid Damage Repair

Spilled drink, bad weather, and other mysterious reasons why your computer will no longer turn on. TheMacFix can repair any issue related to liquid damage.
Please contact us to schedule a time to drop off your computer for a complete diagnostic. Typically it takes 24-48 hours to complete the diagnostic.

Logic Board Repair

TheMacFix offers full service computer repair. This includes repairs to your logic board. If you spilled your coffee on your computer and now it wont turn on, send us a message. We’ll have your computer fixed for you.

TheMacFix provides full service of all current Apple MacBook computers

All prices are market based which means the best price at the time of the repair. We offer a free diagnostic and we will always have the best price available.

TheMacFix specializes in out of warranty repairs. This means better prices and better service versus the Apple store and authorized repair centers that are bound to Apple’s higher priced parts.

And what about those parts? I’m often asked if they are Apple parts, and the truth is most of the parts inside you’re MacBook are the same parts used in Dell and HP machines. The difference is the attention to detail. We use the best parts available and never compromise on quality.

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TheMacFix has a no refund policy.
There is no guarantee that the same color part will be used.
Prices subject to change without notice. For most current pricing please contact us.
All products repaired by TheMacFix will be considered out of warranty by Apple. TheMacFix is unable to return any Apple product into warranty condition.